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The Scientific Chart of German New Medicine

The Scientific Chart is integral to understanding the biological conflict responsible for all diseases. It is designed to help you to determine where the disease process is within the Second Biological Law, the "Law of Two Phases". It comes complete with expanded index.  


The Scientific Chart is now available as a 3 piece package which includes the Wall Chart, separate Index with organ diagrams and the Scientific Chart in book form, perfect for accessing information at a glance.

 $89.95 CAD





The Biological Meaning of Music

"The Biological Meaning of Music" (from the point of view of the Germanic New Medicine) by Giovanna Conti.

This ground breaking discovery is a must read for everyone that has studied music.

The book comes complete with 3 pull out charts demonstrating how the Second Biological Law applies to musical compositions within the framework of folk and classical music. This discovery has been verified by Dr. Hamer as well a two other renowned European professors of music. 
$79.95 CAD



Introduction to the German New Medicine DVD

The "Introduction to the German New Medicine" on DVD is a recording of a live presentation given by Ilsedora Laker on February 14th 2010.
Look for our next presentation annnounced on our webinar page

$24.95 CAD.

Common Ailments DVD

The "Common Ailments" DVD is a recording of a live presentation given by Ilsedora Laker on August 15th 2010. The purpose of this topic is to help people understand how a biological conflict results in our most common physical problems.

The topics covered by Ilsedora in this presentation are the common cold, influenza, sleep disorders, bladder infections, allergies, eczema, chicken pox, measles, stomach disorders and migraine headaches.
$24.95 CAD


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