Level I - Foundation of the GNM

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Level I Webinar Content:

1) The Iron Rule of Cancer

  • How shock or trauma simultaneously affects the psyche, brain and organ


2) The Law of the Two Phased Development of Every Disease
(depending on a resolution to the conflict)

  • Symptoms during the conflict active phase (sympathicotonia) symptoms during the resolution phase (vagotonia)

  • Examples of diseases occurring in sympathicotonia and examples of diseases in vagotonia

  • The epileptoid crisis


3) The Ontogenetic System of Tumors and Cancer Equivalent Diseases

  • The correlation between the brain and the three embryonic germ layers and how they developed through evolution

  • The Pons of the Brain Stem Endoderm, Cerebellum (old) Mesoderm, Cerebral Medulla (new) Mesoderm, and the Cerebral Cortex Ectoderm.

  • The behavior of the three embryonic germ layers in the sympathicotonia and in the vagotonia

4) The Ontogenetic System of Microbes

  • Microbial activity correlating with the three embryonic germ layers, their biological purpose, and how they evolved

5) The Biological Meaning of Disease

  • A discussion on the biological purpose of diseases according to evolutionary development and the survival of the species

A presentation of the most common diseases and the conflict responsible for the
manifestation, how these diseases appear in the conflict active phase and how they
appear in the resolution phase, as well as many examples of CTs of the brain and how
these areas of conflict activity can be identified in the two phases.

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