Module 3

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Module 3 - The Cerebral Cortex

This GNM session deals with a fun and exciting study of how ‘laterality’ (which is much more than just the preference of the hand you dominantly like to use), plays a role in the function of the cerebrum and how hormones influence the brain. Imagine the benefits of decoding precisely why we are either depressed or happy! Is there value in deepening awareness around our natural biological responses when we are part of a group? The full disclosure in this GNM training provides the learner with concrete application skills involving the “Rule of Weight” and the first, second and third conflict. Immediately start unravelling many mysteries by using these simple, fail proof strategies.

– How laterality plays a role in the function of the cerebrum
– How hormones influence the brain
– The first, second and third conflict
– The Rule of Weight
– Why we are either depressed or happy


Module 3 - Constellations part 1 & 2

The indisputable value of solid GNM teaching is easily experienced by one and all during this discussion. Everyone has observed the impact mental illness has on society. Psychology and psychotherapy have their place but the riveting revelation offered by the GNM stands alone as second to none. Many GNM pupils find this information life changing for themselves, their families, their clients and their patients. The far-reaching impact this information contributes to mankind has yet to be practiced in mainstream avenues and many therefore are suffering unnecessarily. Get ready to be transformed by this stunning 2-part presentation on the following topics:

– What causes a constellation?
– Mental illness
– Can we heal from a constellation?
– Bi-polar disorder
– Character or constellation?
– The different kinds of schizophrenic constellations and how they present themselves


Module 3 - Hearing Conflicts

This single session establishes the root cause of hearing loss and related conditions. Have you wondered why is it so common for the aging population to have hearing issues? Can tinnitus and vertigo be stopped dead in its tracks? Explore the GNM explanations for these common conditions, as well as, how a hearing “constellation” works, why a person has paranoia and may be hearing voices and the development of Meniere’s disease and what can be done about it.

– Tinnitus
– Hearing loss
– Hearing “constellation”
– Paranoia and hearing voices
– Vertigo and Meniere’s disease


Module 3 - Heart Disease

This session gives the GNM learner everything they ever wanted to know about heart disease and more! Around the world heart disease continues to be a leading cause of death. Yet, the GNM has explanations that offer ways to diminish calamity long before crisis arises. Can getting to the heart of the matter be hazardous? What if diet, nutrition and exercise are simply distractions instead of solutions? Find out how the German New Medicine accounts with clear and concise clarifications that prolongs quality of life and stops undermining people with the looming and implied threat of ‘genetic inherited’ theories. Discover the facts about atrial fibrillation, myocardial infarcts, coronary infarcts, heart failure, lung embolisms, atherosclerosis and simple varicose veins.

– Atrial fibrillation
– Myocardial infarcts
– Coronary infarcts
– Heart failure
– Lung embolisms
– Atherosclerosis
– Varicose veins


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