Module 1

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Module 1 - Breast & Ovarian Cancers

The GNM beginner gets an opportunity to examine these diseases with a stimulating perspective. Can additional considerations enrich the current ‘cookie cutter’ approach of our modern day practices? Discover critical details outlined as to the cause of each disease, reduce worry by understanding how and why the disease progresses and get insights as to possible complicating factors.

– Each disease is outlined as to the cause, how and why they progress, as well as possible complicating factors


Every GNM pupil quickly grasps the value of living and walking consciously throughout his or her daily life. These three sessions connect the dots and deepen awareness of the vital role our biology plays in health and disease. Can common conditions like osteo arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia, bone cancers, leukemia and enlarged lymph all be connected by a common thread? The straightforwardness of GNM is unsurpassed as the mystery surrounding cancer pain and the true function of the spleen are revealed.

– Osteo arthritis,
– Rheumatoid arthritis,
– Fibromyalgia
– Bone cancers
– Leukemia
– Cancer pain
– Enlarged lymph


Module 1 - Skin

This single segment exhibits beautifully GNM thinking in action. The wall of protection we call ‘skin’ keeps the inside in and the outside out. Uncovering the source of pain, itching, flaking, burning, raw and the like have challenged even the most skilled physicians in years gone by. Can there be a unifying factor among common skin conditions? Find out the GNM explanation behind the following complaints in an easy to grasp format.

– Acne
– Eczema/ psoriasis
– Vitiligo
– Skin fungus
– Shingles
– Melanoma
– Measles, mumps and chickenpox
– Leprosy and the beubonic plague


Applying this GNM core teaching, found in the Law of Two Phases, is an answer for a world full of minor and serious health ailments. Have you ever said to yourself “I thought I was getting better why am I going backwards”? There are simple reasons that stand behind conditions of epilepsy – grand mal and petite mal seizures, loss of consciousness, migraines and asthma. This session empowers the GNM learner to stop the vicious cycles that hold many captive to repetitive patterns of suffering. Easily unlock roadblocks to healing and pave the road to recovery.

– Epilepsy – grand mal and petite mal seizures
– Loss of consciousness
– Migraines
– Asthma


Module 1 - Digestive DBP's

This session exposes every ‘in and out’ of digestive disorders and diseases of the gastro-intestinal tract. Food glorious food! Is there more influencing our digestion than diet and nutrition? Find out in this exceptional session where everything concerning the alimentary canal from minor tummy aches, ordinary heartburn, ulcers and Irritable Bowel Syndrome to serious conditions, such as, Irritable Bowel Disease (e.g. Crohns, Colitis) and cancers are identified and clearly illuminated.

– All digestive disorders from tummy aches to cancers


Module 1 - An Introduction to Diseases Controlled By the Cerebrum

These 2 GNM sessions are captivating! Laterality is developed into a richer balance and functional disturbances are understood in a whole new light. Never is the analysis of brain relays more enlightening to the GNM novice than when the first link is made as they see the conditions controlled by the Cerebrum. Inspiration moves the pupil forward as they begin to appreciate this spectacular area of the GNM by reviewing Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, depression and mania.

– Conditions controlled by the cerebral cortex
– Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease
– Functional disturbances
– More about laterality
– Depression and mania


Module 1 - Endocrine Glands and Blood Sugar Disorders

This 2 part session gives the GNM trainee a basic introduction, simplifying the complex world of the endocrine glands into easy to understand relationships. Can the balancing act behind blood sugar disorders really be unrelated to ‘so called’ immunity, diet and nutritional intake? What if the biological programs within the organs of the endocrine system give feedback to help guide us toward living life to the fullest? Discover GNM in all its glory during the discussion of the following topics:

– The pituitary
– Agromegaly
– Elevated prolactin
– The thalamus
– Conditions of the thyroid and parathyroid
– The adrenal glands
– Diabetes,
– Hypoglycemia


Module 1 - Male and Female Reproductive SBP's

The differences between male and female biology affect how we manifest various health conditions in response to the unanticipated shocking events that happen in our lives. Is there a place for acknowledging a profound loss in a new and different way? Find out the GNM potent and practical approach to stop frightening concepts from blinding the most obvious understanding of biological programs developed for our highest good, ensuring we thrive and not just endure! This presentation arms the learner with clarity and an in depth look by explaining the following topics:

– Prostate cancers
– Testicular cancers
– Uterine and cervical cancers
– Yeast infections
– Ovarian cancer
– Endometriosis


Module 1 - Diseases of the Eyes, Teeth and Mouth

Our lives revolve around relationships – at work, home and play we see the touch of interactions as they play out throughout our daily lives. Can our relationships affect our eyes, teeth and mouth? Watch these 2 sessions and quickly catch basic GNM essentials to help answer questions about such common subjects as:

– Visual changes
– Floaters
– Retinitis pigmentosa
– Cataracts
– Conjunctivitis
– Conditions of the eye muscle
– Conditions of the eye lens and the cornea
– Glaucoma
– Tooth decay
– Tooth enamel degeneration
– Abscesses and gum disease


Module 1 - The Three Embryonic Germ Layers

Beginners and seasoned Embryology students will find this presentation insightful and significant. Why? The GNM explains human embryologic development flawlessly. Cohesively every organ, tissue and cell of the body are mapped in a logical sequence that even the novice can effortlessly grasp and begin applying this knowledge instantly. This segment discusses how all the tissues of our organs developed and the significance of the 3 embryonic germ layers in the disease process.

– Endoderm
– Ectoderm
– Mesoderm