German New Medicine books include the following:

The Scientific chart of the German New Medicine by Dr. R.G Hamer
The Biological meaning of music by Giovanna Conti
The Strong family Children’s series by Harald Baumann

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The Strong family and their medical adventures series

This is a set of 6 books for children and adults.

Volume 1 – Lisa and the red spots
Volume 2 – Lisa has a middle ear infection
Volume 3 – Lisa and the mumps
Volume 4 – Lisa has a sore throat
Volume 5 – Sammy has a rash
Volume 6 – Mummy Strong has a lump in her breast


GNM Scientific Chart

The Scientific Chart of the German New Medicine is integral to understanding the biological conflict responsible for all diseases. It is designed to help you to determine where the disease process is within the Second Biological Law, the “Law of Two Phases”.

The Scientific Chart is now available as a 3 piece package which includes  the Wall Chart, separate index with organ diagrams and the Scientific Chart in book form, perfect for accessing information at a glance.

The Scientific chart is an essential accompaniment to the GNM Online Seminars educational video modules.

Topics of the scientific chart of the German New Medicine include:

The 5 biological laws
Cerebral Cortex

A disease chart index


Giovanna Conti - The Biological Meaning of Music

“The Biological Meaning of Music” (from the point of view of the Germanic New Medicine) by Giovanna Conti.

This ground breaking discovery is a must read for everyone that has studied music.

The book comes complete with 3 pull out charts demonstrating how the Second Biological Law applies to musical compositions within the framework of folk and classical music. This discovery has been verified by Dr. Hamer as well a two other renowned European professors of music.