blind leading blind

The Blind Leading the Blind

21 December 2016

As I’m sitting in the plane on my way back from Germany where I just spent a few days to attend a birthday celebration for Dr. Hamer at his grave site, I’m reflecting on everything that has happened over the last 10 months since his passing. It seems that it’s all unfolding the way I – Read the full article…

In a human good and evil, dark and light, angel and devil somehow connect. Who are you, human?

Angels and Demons

1 November 2016

A few things came across my desk this morning which has compelled me to write this blog. The topic really has to do with people that misrepresent themselves in the GNM world. That in itself is dangerous for obvious reasons. Unfortunately the general public can easily be misled by search engines and what comes up – Read the full article…

A group of women with one man in a police line-up.

Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves, a GNM history lesson

4 October 2016

I honestly don’t know what it is about the GNM that attracts people like Caroline Markolin, Johannes Fisslinger, Gilbert Renaud, Andres Perez and now a Romanian doctor named Iustin Loiseau (who also goes by the name of Justin Lois). Each of these people have taken advantage of Dr. Hamer’s intellectual property and have somehow managed – Read the full article…

Chart Manual


14 September 2016

In my last blog, I spoke about how remedies really work within the framework of the second biological Law, “The Law of Two Phases”. This information isn’t readily available unless you know an experienced GNM consultant. I do my best to keep my ear to the ground and address what isn’t covered in mainstream areas, – Read the full article…