How Remedies Really Work

14 September 2016

Most people that frequent this web site are supporters of using natural medicine. My background prior to working in the German New Medicine was also in herbalism and nutrition. In those days, no one knew about the discovery of the German New Medicine. However most of us had the question of why we got some – Read the full article…

Treatment in the GNM

Treatment in the GNM

16 August 2016

The question I am asked the most is what is involved in the treatment in the GNM. Some people believe that the GNM is about “mind-body medicine”. However that term does it a great injustice. The discovery of the five biological laws is really more along the lines of a new natural science. For the – Read the full article…

Living consciously

Conscious living

28 June 2016

Throughout these 24 years that I have worked with Dr. Hamer‘s findings I have made many observations as to what happens to us when we have a conflict-shock or DHS as we call it in the GNM. This article is about conscious living. Early on as a consultant I found that most people were looking – Read the full article…

Clouds and female hand waving with a white flag to surrender

The art of surrender

21 May 2016

In this Article I will cover what it means to surrender to a diagnosis. When we have a diagnosis of a serious illness and don’t understand Dr. Hamer’s Five Biological Laws, at that moment we are vulnerable to experiencing a conflict-shock. Since it was a conflict-shock (DHS) that was responsible for the diagnosis, it is – Read the full article…