GNM music soothes the soul

Music soothes the soul

15 September 2015

Those of you following the GNM may already know that Dr. Hamer has recently directed his attention to music therapy and has written another volume of more than 700 pages on the subject, which also includes his personal research and detailed case histories. The findings are quite astounding. However, in order for someone to fully – Read the full article…

Music on the brain

Our brains on music

15 August 2015

There has been so much research done on music and how it affects the brain, I could go on forever about it, however none of the existing research is as profound as that of what Dr. Hamer discovered about how our brains react when exposed to music in a specific form. By form, I mean – Read the full article…

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Where does it hertz

22 July 2015

Unless someone is a musician, no one would know anything about the origin of what we call “concert pitch” which means that the vibration of “concert A” is different from “natural A” also known as “Verdi A” which is the pitch at which we naturally sing songs. A frequency is measured in “hertz” which indicates – Read the full article…

Curly boy in headphones screaming with eyes closed on blue background.

Listening to some music hertz

28 June 2015

I have to say, I believe I’ve used up all my “hertz” puns for this blog series. However, the way I am using the word hertz in relation to music is absolutely true. Some music does hurt us. If we look at the 20th century and the massive changes there were in music, some good – Read the full article…