Lymes disease tick bite

Lymes Disease or Syndrome?

31 August 2015

Lymes disease is a hot issue in both traditional and alternative medicine. Until recently it was not even considered to be a “disease”. Like all other so called “infections” the entire topic is highly misunderstood. First we have to appreciate Dr. Hamer’s discovery of the Fourth Biological Law, “The Ontogenetic System of Microbes” where he – Read the full article…

Ringworm or lymes disease tick bite

Symptoms of Lymes, they’re all in your head!

9 July 2015

In the GNM, regardless of what is called a disease or syndrome, we begin by breaking down lymes disease symptoms into categories. First and foremost, we look to the specific kind of tissue and the part of the brain that controls it to try to understand if the symptom or symptoms we are experiencing occur – Read the full article…