tracks pr reminders that trigger allergies and disease

Tracks that trigger.

22 August 2014

Tracks act as triggers or reminders that keep a condition chronic. Imagine all the elements that we experience at the moment we have a DHS. There are literally billions of bits of information flying at us that very moment. Thankfully not all those bits will register or we would be in trouble! The bits that do – Read the full article…

Young woman meditating outdoors

The body speaks

21 June 2014

When I first heard Dr. Hamer’s lecture on “The New Medicine” in 1992 I realized that what we know as disease, is the body expressing an experience on the physical level. In fact the body is speaking to us through our symptoms. Most of our daily physical symptoms can be understood to be an expression – Read the full article…

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Flying in the face.

19 May 2014

Anyone just getting to know about the existence of Dr. Hamer’s research and the GNM knows that his discovery “fly’s in the face of convention”. We have been so conditioned by conventional medicine and the media to believe that everything that we suffer from is the result of a mistake of nature that we find – Read the full article…