Businesswoman in business attire standing on a rock cliff. There is another rock cliff opposite of her with a gap in between the two. She is leaning over with her hand to her chin wondering how to get to the other side. Room for text.

Bridging the gap between theory and reality.

4 October 2014

The purpose of this blog which is about my personal experiences and observations in the GNM, is to bridge the gap between theory and reality.  I’m sure you are all asking why are there not more people in GNM practice on a level of efficacy. I have concluded the following: 1. The GNM has been presented – Read the full article…

Uncertain businessman at crossroad.

A change in direction.

12 September 2014

Since I first heard of Dr. Hamer and the “New Medicine” as it was called between 1981 and 2003, my life and healing philosophy has changed quite dramatically. In 1992 when I first heard about this discovery, I was just an ordinary person working in alternative healing. Practically everything I had believed up to that – Read the full article…

Cozy mossy green forest with warm back-light in the sunset.

Trees for the forest.

23 August 2014

I got my first nosebleed the moment I arrived home from conducting my first New Medicine seminar. Of course I realized that it was a healing phase of a conflict that had to do with something or a situation that “stank”. In those days, I did not have very much experience in the New Medicine – Read the full article…

tracks pr reminders that trigger allergies and disease

Tracks that trigger.

22 August 2014

Tracks act as triggers or reminders that keep a condition chronic. Imagine all the elements that we experience at the moment we have a DHS. There are literally billions of bits of information flying at us that very moment. Thankfully not all those bits will register or we would be in trouble! The bits that do – Read the full article…