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GNM Terminology

14 September 2014

In the last blog I talked about laterality. Today I would like to clear up some of the new GNM terminology that we use. Most of the new GNM terminology can be found in Dr. Hamer’s diagram of the second biological law, “The Law of Two Phases” so I will begin with that. As a – Read the full article…

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Why is laterality important?

25 August 2014

Most of you that are following my blog already know something about the GNM and what laterality is all about within the context of Dr. Hamer’s findings. However, for those of you that have just discovered this “new way of thinking” the terminology we use must sound very strange indeed. I will begin with “laterality” – Read the full article…

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The HH – Hamerschen Herd

5 July 2014

The abbreviation HH refers to the GNM new terminology “Hamerschen Herd”. If we break this down into English then it simply means “Hamer Lesion” which describes the target ring configuration Dr. Hamer discovered when looking at catscans (CT’s) of the brain in his very early years after the discovery of the “The Iron Rule of – Read the full article…

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The Special Biological Program SBS/SBP

21 June 2014

I know there is a lot of confusion about the abbreviations used in the GNM and I feel it is important that we have some clarity with respect to what they actually mean. In my last blog, I explained the terminology that we use in the GNM, at least within the second biological law. However, there – Read the full article…