Dr. Hamer and Ilsedora Laker

“Hallo Ilsedora, Gruess dich!”

20 August 2017

As most of you already may know, Dr. Hamer passed away on Sunday July 2nd 2017 in Sandefjord Norway where he lived in exile. Dr. Hamer left a huge void in my life when he passed and I am grateful for all the time he gave me since I personally got to know him almost – Read the full article…

Dirk Hamer

Dirk Hamer – Crime and Punishment – Part 1

16 August 2017

Since my last blog was posted, I came to realize that there was so much more that went on behind the scenes that most GNM followers had no idea about. I have to say, what Dr. Hamer lived through sounds like fiction, but as disturbing as it is, it is all true what he had – Read the full article…


Crime and Punishment – part II

15 August 2017

In March of 1979, just months after Dirk’s death, Dr. Hamer had surgery for testicular cancer and subsequently also developed a severe peritoneal infection with purulent ascites. He was gravely ill and his chance of recovery was very slim. He had been given a 1% chance of surviving his cancer. While he was still in – Read the full article…

Storm. Lightning hit the tree on green field.

The Dream

5 August 2017

When Dr. Hamer developed testicular cancer so close to the death of his son, it seemed plausible to him that this event in his life had something to do with the onset of his cancer. After many discussions with his wife, who was also a physician, he concluded that it could only have been that – Read the full article…