Eczema on elbow. Separation conflict.

Eczema – A separation conflict

21 November 2015

It has been a very hectic fall season for me with very little opportunity for blogging. However there have been a few requests for blog topics that are of interest to my GNM students that finally, now that I have most of my other duties out of the way, I am able to address starting – Read the full article…



15 October 2015

In the GNM, pneumonia is considered to be what we call a “healing phase” which means that: 1. The biological conflict shock has been resolved and 2. The affected organ/ tissue, in this case the bronchi, are healing. Of course traditional medicine sees this condition as a disease in itself and in some serious cases the – Read the full article…

Microscopic image of flu H3N3 virus or germ cells in the human body.

Bugs, Germs and Cooties

4 August 2014

I’m sure most of you that are around my age….ah, 39 ish, know what we mean by cooties. It’s a reference we used in childhood to “being exposed” to something that can make us feel yucky or even sick by touching someone else. Kids very cruelly referred to someone having cooties if they didn’t like – Read the full article…