The female reproductive system (or female genital system) is made up of the internal and external sex organs that function in human reproduction.

Doing the math – Ovarian cancer

27 January 2015

Ovarian cancer is a big topic in the GNM and has been greatly misunderstood by conventional medicine. When we understand exactly what happens when a woman develops an ovarian cancer she has the opportunity to have a 100% chance of recovery without complications. Unfortunately the existing problem is that women are incorrectly informed by the – Read the full article…

Ovary cystadenoma biopsy under light microscopy zoom in different area

More maths – CA 125

26 January 2015

When an ovarian cancer is diagnosed in a woman that does not know anything about the GNM, this can be experienced as a significant DHS (shock). As I already mentioned in the previous blog, one of the first things anyone experience’s is an attack against the body, which in this case almost immediately is experienced – Read the full article…