Serious diagnosis

Part 1 – Are you ready for GNM?

25 November 2018

If you are a first time visitor to this web site, I’m sure you were quite surprised at the implications of this ground breaking discovery. Not everyone is ready to accept this new way of looking at what we have been taught to call “the disease process” not to mention that most people frequenting this site – Read the full article…


Part 2 – The Cancer Sequence

When we look at “metastasis”, there is always a sequence that the spreading will follow. I will outline one of the most common cancers so that everyone can understand how this happens. Bowel cancer The bowel can develop either flat growths or nodular growths and this is determined by the exact nature of the “indigestible – Read the full article…

Terminal condition

Part 3 – Why does a cancer patient die?

It’s commonly believed that when a person has been diagnosed with cancer, death is very near. For the most part it is this particular belief that becomes a self – fulfilling prophesy. There are many fallacies around cancer that need to be broken down and how a cancer patient actually dies. Naturally when one is – Read the full article…

Authenticity in the GNM, the facts from fakes.

Misinterpretation of facts.

8 April 2015

Some years ago I began reading the so called “testimonials” that I found on other web sites and was quite shocked at what I read. One testimonial in particular comes to mind and that is a case of ovarian cancer that this unfortunate person misunderstood as being the result of the “selling of the family – Read the full article…