A day in the life (GNM blog)

Cows and Milk

September 7th 2016

As some of you already know, there is a new book out called the "New Medicine" by Bjorn Eybl.
Unfortunately no one in the English speaking world knows who this person is and how he has managed to get the better of Dr. Hamer both financially and ethically where Dr. Hamer's own intellectual property is concerned. It is for this reason that I am once again compelled to set the record straight.
Just two days ago in a conversation with Dr. Hamer, Eybl's name came up because there are similarities going in the English speaking GNM world that are quite blatant attempts to rip off Dr. Hamer for the sake of their own financial opportunism and NOT for "the greater good" of mankind as some of these perpetrators call it.
They are also making claims that the releasing of this information into the public domain is a "public service".
I beg to differ, and I'm sure the majority of you will agree with me when I explain what their hidden agenda is really all about.
Bjorn Eybl is one of the biggest frauds and perpetrators of this hidden agenda. How is it that he is able to advertise this publication through the same media that refused to advertise Dr. Hamer's publications and legitimate research?
I have personally followed this travesty from the beginning and can only shake my head as the so called authorities support what he is doing legally where copyright infringements are concerned.
The saga began a few years ago when Eybl donated some money into Dr. Hamer's account and sent him the transcript of his book. In essence it was Eybl's embellished version of the Scientific Chart and he passed it off as information coming from Dr. Hamer.
Of course immediately on discovering this Dr. Hamer gave the donation back with a warning that if he proceeded to print this he was in a legal position to challenge him on copyright infringements. This law suit went on for years and cost Dr. Hamer a great deal of money. After all of that, guess who lost? It wasn't Eybl.
Other perpetrators of this crime such as Carolina Markolin used his case as an example and began to alter Dr. Hamer's diagrams, and his intellectual property, because they realized that by doing so they could get away with stealing.
The problem is that the general public is unable to differentiate between what is right and what is a distorted version of Dr. Hamer's work and of course these people capitalize on it.
Dr. Hamer cannot support his publications financially with the correct information as long as people like Eybl and Markolin continue to rob him of his discovery.
The information Eybl puts out there also contains a lot of his own speculation which is not "New Medicine" and distorts the entire GNM picture. When I checked what was out there on the Internet, I saw that Markolin who is so desperate to attract attention to herself was also stealing from Eybl and is trying to pass it off as "not yet published" information from Dr. Hamer!
Of course this is not possible because she has absolutely NO contact with Dr. Hamer for many years. Eybl has never even met Dr. Hamer and only took a course with Helmut Pilhar in Austria. Does this make either of them "experts"?
How can people find the correct conflict and get well if they are looking for the wrong thing? It is dangerous and feeds back directly to Dr. Hamer's enemies who have tried to discredit him since the very beginning.
What is more shocking is that some people that have been cured with the guidance of true GNM consultants, not to mention people who's lives have been saved by Dr. Hamer, promote the work of someone who is also currently trying to counter sue Dr. Hamer and further deplete his financial resources.
The lack of integrity in today's world never ceases to amaze me and all I can say "is shame on you!".
As for the copyright infringement issue. According to the copyright law, Dr. Hamer is acting within his right to challenge Eybl. It is clear to anyone who has seen the book that this is not an "homage" but an attempt to "steal" and capitalize on his discovery.
However the judges that make the decision are corrupt and have decided in Eybl's favor declaring that because he changed the diagrams what he has published has nothing to do with Dr. Hamer.
More recently, by making it available for free, he further robs Dr. Hamer by calling it "New Medicine" and prevents Dr. Hamer from selling his own publications.
By giving the cow away with the milk and orchestrating this entire lawsuit, he continues to bankrupt Dr. Hamer which of course means he cannot publish his own work because he does not have the financial resources!
Unfortunately people are sheep and all go after the "freebie” without thinking it will jeopardize Dr. Hamer and themselves by preventing him from publishing his own findings.
When people support this by saying "he should be happy his work is getting out there" they have a distorted picture of the truth and who is really being supported.
We have to ask why Eybl gets the support of the media and is able to advertise his theft in conventional magazines while Dr. Hamer is continuously blocked from doing so?
Something is seriously wrong with this picture and when you see that "the cow is being given away with the milk for free" we have to realize that someone loses. In this case it is humanity.

Conscious Living

July 28th 2016

Throughout these 24 years that I have worked with Dr. Hamer's findings I have made many observations as to what happens to us when we have a conflict-shock or DHS as we call it in the GNM.

Early on as a consultant I found that most people were looking for solutions to issues they had since their childhood or teen years and kept on making bad choices throughout their life. As a result they literally set themselves up for yet another DHS, thus adding to the existing tracks each time. When I asked Dr. Hamer about this he simply said "they are looking for closure to the conflict-shock".

However each time the old conflict is reopened, more tracks are added and this makes the entire process more complex. My approach is to visit the last "scene of the crime" first and then work backwards looking for those insidious tracks that prevent us from fully recovering.

Don't get me wrong, this is not psychotherapy. We are simply going into the person's history to find the related moments in time when another track or two, or possibly 3 were added to the "pot".

It is detective work in every sense of the word because as we go along, we piece together how interrelated those specific life's situations are and have caused the chronic condition we are dealing with.

Initially when we find the related conflicts, we may feel quite well and are free of symptoms, however, when we have exposure to one of the tracks, unless we can understand it at that moment, our symptoms can return.

Of course, this is when people that don't understand this process whether they are a sufferer or therapist, throw in the towel and say "well this method doesn't work". This is precisely when we need to continue to identify those tracks otherwise they will control our physical wellbeing.

In situations where tracks seem to rule, we need to become aware to such an extent that we actually practice conscious living. The problem is that the majority of us are literally operating in trance like state because we are all "preoccupied" with trying to find a solution to one thing or another.

No one is conflict free and it is the conflict activity that is keeping us in a trance.

As long as we remain in a trance, we are incapable of making different decisions for ourselves and it is only through unearthing the related DHS that we are able to snap out of it.

There are varying degrees of being in this state of mind. The most acute trance is induced when someone has a life threatening diagnosis such as a cancer. Unfortunately, unless we have knowledge of Dr. Hamer's research, we go into a state of mind that I see as equivalent to a voodoo spell!

From that moment on, they are in "survival mode" and their entire life revolves around not dying.

This is when the GNM consultant needs to snap them out of the trance because it will impair their chances of recovering. In my previous blog I spoke about surrender, and this is precisely the time we need to practice it.

I became aware of this process when I witnessed a cancer patient decline literally the moment their doctor said they would decline even though they were doing very well and everything was stable. Of course the reason this happens is because of the "power of suggestion" if you buy into the prognosis.

The brain is an amazing thing and it has the ability to calculate how much time is passing. Although we may not be conscious of it, a "ticking time bomb" was set off with the declaration of life span and prognosis.

This is where we need to be careful to not buy into the trance and begin to live consciously. Living consciously is not a difficult thing to do, however it means that we must first recognize the "trance" we are in and the moment it was induced. If we are unable to manage that, the trance continuously rules our life and health.